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  • TYPE: type of bullets

<UL ...> creates an unordered list. The unordered part means that the items in the list are not in any particular order. <UL ...> works with <LI ...>. <UL ...> defines the list, <LI ...> defines each item in the list.

this code produces this
Grocery List:
Grocery List:
  • potatoes
  • spinach
  • lollipops

<UL ...>s can be nested to produce lists within lists:

this code produces this
     <LI>Andy Hodges
     <LI>Trey Gregory
     <LI>Karen Joslin
     <LI>Sheila Malone
     <LI>Karl Heinz
  • Marketing
    • Andy Hodges
    • Trey Gregory
  • Engineering
    • Karen Joslin
    • Sheila Malone
    • Karl Heinz


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