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Forms Tutorial
Forms and CGI
Forms and Scripts
Mailto Forms
Rollover Submit Image
Image as a Reset Button
Submit Image Changes When Data is Ready
Automatically Putting the Cursor in a Field
Submit The Form When The User Presses Enter
Restricting a Field to Alphanumeric Only
Restricting a Field to Numbers Only
Automatically Jumping To The Next Field

<FORM ...>
<INPUT ...>
<SELECT ...>
<OPTION ...>
<BUTTON ...>
<LEGEND ...>
<LABEL ...>

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Forms are the most popular way to make web pages interactive. Like forms on paper, a form on a web page allows the user to enter requested information and submit it for processing. (Fortunately, forms on a web page are processed much faster.)

The following pages provide a beginning tutorial in how to put forms on your web page, how to include scripts, and some other common forms concepts.


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