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Attribute for <OPTION ...>

SELECTED indicates that the option should be selected by default. For example, in this example, the third item ("widget analyzer") is the default item:

this code produces this select list
<SELECT NAME="partnumber">
<OPTION VALUE="7382"          >steam turbine
<OPTION VALUE="2928"          >resistor array
<OPTION VALUE="3993" SELECTED >widget analyzer
<OPTION VALUE="9398"          >fiber identifier

SELECTED can also be used in multiple select lists. In this example, the "green team" and the "purple team" are the default selected items:

this code produces this select list
<OPTION VALUE="b"          >blue team
<OPTION VALUE="g" SELECTED >green team
<OPTION VALUE="r"          >red team
<OPTION VALUE="p" SELECTED >purple team
<OPTION VALUE="f"          >fuschia team
<OPTION VALUE="m"          >mango team


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