<A ...>

Usage Recommendation
thumbs upRecommend using for all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. As well as all responsive and mobile browsers.

<A ...> is the cornerstone of HTML, the tag that makes hypertext hypertext. <A ...> is the tag you use to make hyperlinks: the text that you can click on in your web browser to go to another web page.

For example, this code creates a link:

this code produces this
<A HREF="mywebpage.html">My Web Page</A>
My Web Page

Let's look at each part of that link:

Says that this is an anchor (<A ...>) tag

Says that the Hypertext REFerence for this anchor is the file "mywebpage.html". When an anchor makes a hypertext reference, we call it a "link".

My Web Page
This is the text which appears on the web page. This text is usually highlighted in some way, such as coloring it blue, to indicate that it is "hypertext" (if you click on it, something happens).

Closes the anchor

This is the simplest type of anchor, but it is probably the kind you will use by far the most.

Anchors and Links