TARGET = "_parent"

"_parent" is used in the situation where a frameset file is nested inside another frameset file. A link in one of the inner frameset documents which uses "_parent" will load the new document where the inner frameset file had been.

Want a more complete explanation? Here's the idea in pictures.

For example, this anchor:

<A HREF="bigframe.html" TARGET="_parent">bigframe</A>

produces the link on this page.

If the current document's frameset file does not have any "parent", then "_parent" works exactly like "_top": the new document is loaded in the full window. Note that "_parent" does not work in a frameset which is merely nested inside another framset in the same frameset file.

We have discovered that "_parent" does not work on some versions of Netscape for the Macintosh.

Attribute for <A ...>TARGET = "_blank" | "_parent" | "_self" | "_top" | window name