TARGET = "_blank"

"_blank" opens the new document in a new window.

this code produces this
<A HREF="newwindow.html" TARGET="_blank">a new window</A>
a new window

This value does not require the use of any frames. "_blank" is popular in web pages which are devoted to links to "other resources on the net". By opening a new window for each resource, the user has a sense of a "main" page (the list of resources) and "secondary" pages (each individual resource). However, this results in cluttering the computer screen, which may irritate some of your readers.

Known Bug Microsoft Internet Explorer

Some versions of MSIE have a bug which renders anchors using "_blank" inoperative. See "Open In New Window" Does Not Work in Internet Explorer for the patch. (Note that Microsoft requires you to join their developer network to download the patch. It's free.)

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