Popup Windows: From an Image Map

In our first variation we'll open the popup from an image map instead of from a regular anchor. We'll use the same script as from our first example. With that script, an <AREA ...> tag in an image map can be made to open a popup in exactly the same way as an <A ...> tag:

<MAP NAME="index">
   HREF="mypopup.html" ALT="My Popup"
   COORDS="10,10,120,120" SHAPE=RECT 
   onClick="return popup(this, 'gloss')">
   SHAPE=RECT ALT="Your Popup"
   COORDS="140,10,180,50" HREF="yourpopup.html" 
   onClick="return popup(this, 'gloss')">


<IMG SRC="mymap.gif" HEIGHT=130 WIDTH=190 ALT="Image Map Example"
BORDER="0" USEMAP="#index">

which gives us this image map:

My PopupYour PopupImage Map Example

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