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<TR ...>

Usage Recommendation
use it if you use <TABLE ...>

  • ALIGN: horizontal alignment of cell contents
  • VALIGN: vertical alignment of cell contents
  • BGCOLOR: background color

<TR ...> designates a table row. Each <TR ...> element contains one or more <TD ...> or <TH ...> elements. For example, this code creates a table with two rows:

<TR> <TD>peaches</TD>    <TD>grapes</TD> <TD>oranges</TD> </TR>
<TR> <TD>watermelon</TD> <TD>limes</TD>  <TD>watermelon</TD> </TR>

which gives us this table

peaches grapes oranges
watermelon limes watermelon

Technically the end tag (</TR>) is optional. However, Netscape has a history of getting confused when the end tag is missing so it's best to always use </TR>.


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